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Born on the cusp of the Internet age in Malaysia, Hua Chai (they/he, @huazzers) is a gender-glitched experimental media artist who is inspired by how Internet phenomena interfaces with individual expression, community interactions, socio-political infrastructures, and identity formation. Hua makes playful interactive digital projects (dubbed as “games” for convenience’s sake) which act as a collective portrait of their observations and experiences. They hold a B.A. in Design Media Arts and are pursuing an M.F.A. in Media Arts, both from the University of California, Los Angeles. Hua’s work has been showcased at events like Cartoons Underground (Singapore), Animation Chico (USA), Melbourne Queer Games Festival (Australia), and Indiepocalypse.

Will Tebo Headshot.jpg

Will Tebo

Will is a writer, director, and teacher of film and stop-motion animation. He received his BA in Film from Boise State University, and his short films have won such awards as Best Idaho Film, Best Narrative Film, and Audience Choice. His stop-motion short film Lolly played at Animation Chico’s debut year in 2015.

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Rhiannon Evans

Rhiannon is an award winning film-maker from South Wales. She specializes in heart-felt characters using hand made techniques to tell allegorical stories that entertain and uplift audiences. She has worked as an animation director at Partizan-Lab, a stop motion animator in TV series productions and commercials as well as creating her own short films. She was chosen as a recipient of the prestigious BAFTA scholarship to attend the National Film and Television School, where she was mentored by Peter Lord.

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John Pozzi

John has been teaching a variety of mediums and positions in the production pipeline for over 15 years. His focus is on Animation (Both 2D and 3D), Concept Art, Storyboarding and mentoring teams in producing animated shorts from boards to post. He's worked as a 3D Texture Artist for CG Spectrum, Concept Artist for Akupara Games, Animatic Designer for Interstellar’s 400 Years of the Telescope: A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought as well as IMC Productions, and done numerous freelance and commission pieces.

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