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Anna Spence

Anna Spence is an experimental filmmaker and video artist based in Atlanta Ga. In 2016, she graduated from Lesley University College of Art and Design with an MFA in Visual Arts. Her video work has screened in a broad spectrum of venues from micro cinemas such as Other Cinema to prestigious international film festivals, like Ann Arbor Film Festival. She also publishes / P R O C E S S /, a limited- run zine that focuses on the creative process.


Travis is a professional visual development illustrator and concept designer who has worked on films and videogames such as: Book of Life, Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek 3, Madagascar, Madagascar 2, Madagascar 3, Megamind and Sonic Boom.


Mark began his animation career animating talking animals on the first Garfield movie. He has been an animation supervisor at Rainmaker Digital and Frantic Films, a senior animator at Sony Imageworks, and has worked in various departments at Weta Digital and as a former Mentor at Films that he has worked on include: Avatar, The Hobbit, The Adventures of Tintin, The Smurfs, Night at the Museum, and many others. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of THEIA Interactive, the Animation Department head of CG Spectrum, and a lecturer at California State University in Chico, California.

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