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Melissa Pagluica

Melissa is a freelance artist residing in San Francisco California. She is best known for her comic book "Above the Clouds" and working as a variant cover artist for studios. you can find her work at

Tom Kinnee

Tom teaches in the theatre department at Butte College. He has acted in, directed and written productions at many northern California theatre companies as well as at CSU Chico and Butte. Kinnee produced and presided over many fantasy film conventions (with speakers such as Orville Goldner from the effects team of the 1933 "King Kong" and Jim Danforth who worked with Harryhausen on "Clash of the Titans"). Kinnee is also the producer/host of the arts-oriented radio program "Weekend Showcase" on North State Public Radio.


John teaches animation at Chico State and the CSU Summer Arts program with a focus on Concept Design, Storyboarding, Art Direction, Layout and Animation (Both 2D and 3D). Over the past 10 years he has produced and helped his students create around 15 animated shorts a year. John has also freelanced for many companies including indie game house Akupara, created 3D texturing for, and worked as a storyboard artist/animator at Interstellar Studios. 

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